I am Hermie. Please click on  the arrows on all my pictures on this site and then you will  see me talk. If you still can't hear me, wait a little longer for me to download. THANK YOU

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About the Author


I was brought up and educated in Lewes, East Sussex, after which I served 30 happy years in ‘Her Majesty’s Royal Marine Band’. I now live in Cornwall and belong to the Lostwithiel Town Band and also conduct The Polperro Fishermen’s Choir.

I started writing books in 2015. I was said to have an unusually vivid imagination and would often come up with some strange fantasies. Once I started to write them down, it became rather addictive and I have now written many books for children, or for those with imaginations that are as bizarre as mine!


Due to the uncertainties of Covid 19, no events are planned at the moment.  Hopefully, I will be listing some book fairs when the situation improves.


SEA WATCH FOUNDATION  are proud to be associated with 'Hermie Frees The Dolphin', due to its strong educational message about plastic pollution, and good story telling.

Kirsten Hintner, Sea Watch Foundation.

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